1. What is PressVigyapti.com

PressVigyapti.com is an online platform where one  can release press notes online. With this, media people will know about your activities, business launches, and events.

2) How do I release a  PressNote on PressVigyapti.com

You need to register and become a member on our site. You can simply become become a member by clicking on this link

3) Is there any cost to become a member?

No. One can register for free.  We will approve membership after a verification process 

4) I have registered on your website and  my membership status is still showing as pending. 

We will thoroughly review each application and sometimes it may take 3-4 days to approve membership. It takes even longer incase of holidays. We request you to cooperate with our verification team. Incase of urgency please reach us, we would be  happy to assist you 

5) Great, My account was approved.  I want to release a Press Note . How do I do that? 

Great, You are free to release press note by logging  to your account 

6) Is this a free service? Should I have to pay anything for this service?

No, it's not a free service. You need to pay Rs.2,500 (Rupees Two thousand Five Hundred only) to release one press note.  You can check our pricing plans by clicking here

7) How do I post a press note?

You are requested to sign into your account and release a press note.

8) Can I release my press note in other languages other than Telugu?

Unfortunately you can't. We provide service in Telugu only at this point of time. 

9) I have released my press note. How long will it take to go live?

It takes a minimum 48 hours for the verification team to check the press release and make it live. Our team may call you for further questions. Please  cooperate .

10) My press release went live. What next?

Congratulations! Now any media person can view your press release and they may want to publish your press release or call you for further information

11) Is there any guarantee that the media will publish my press release?

Sorry, There is no guarantee on this.  Our platform will help you reach the media. It's purely the media`s choice if they want to take your press release further or not. We at PressVigyapti.com will not give any guarantee on this.

12) Will my money be refunded if I don't get any response from the media?

No, The fees you paid is not refundable and it's the listing fees

13) For how long will my press note be available on your website?

Your press note will be available on our website for a period of 100 days and once the period is over, it will automatically be deleted from our system .

14) I made a mistake in my press note. Can I edit?

Yes, you can. The same will have to be manually approved by our team. It may take 24-48 hours again for this. Your press note would be in Inactive status during the review period

15) How many times can I edit my press note?  

The maximum number of times you can edit the press note is 3 times

16) Oops! What if I want to keep this live? Can I renew it?

Yes, you will be notified on your registered email about the expiry of the press note. You can renew the same by paying Rs.2500/- for a period of another 100 days.

17) I want to delete my press note?

You are free to sign into your account and delete your pess notes under “MyPressNotes”anytime during the 100 days. The lifetime of your press note is 100 days and our system automatically deletes the note on the 101 day.

18) Will you refund my money in case I am not happy with your service?


No, we don't give any refund.  We strongly suggest you check our Refund policy on our Terms and conditions page.


19) I am new to this and don't know how to write a press note. Can you help us?


Sorry, we can't . However , we will refer you to a few content writers who can help you in this. They may charge and help you. We will not hold any responsibility in the quality and correctness of the press note.


20) What kind of Press Notes should I release?

You can release  press notes that attract the attention of the media. You can't  release press notes which provoke hatred, are abusive, offensive and encourage communal harmony. Management reserves the right to reject press notes that are deemed against law and disturb public order.


21) I have a few questions which are not mentioned on this page.


Feel free to reach us. Click on this page to reach us.


***Please note  All legal matters are subject to the Hyderabad (India) jurisdiction***